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Financial Assistance Scheme (30 June 1983 - 30 June 2016) 

About the scheme

The scheme applies to people who were injured by an act of violence that occurred between 30 June 1983 and 30 June 2016.

The Victims of Crime Financial Assistance Scheme is designed to assist victims of violent crime to recover from the physical and/or mental injuries sustained by providing a means to recover expenses reasonably incurred in treating those injuries.

Assistance is also available to those who may be responsible for the care of a victim or to the related victims of a primary victim who dies because of their injury. 

There are two key components to the Financial Assistance Scheme. One is for expenses reasonably incurred. The other is a one-off financial amount called ‘special assistance’ for ‘pain and suffering’. However, special assistance is only available to certain categories of crime victims and injuries. 

The Government Solicitor is the agency responsible to assessing applications and making a recommendation to the court. A Magistrate determines the amount of financial assistance to be paid. Victim Support ACT provides assistance to victims of crime to make applications to the Financial Assistance Scheme