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Lodging the application

Extension of time applications 

Applications for financial assistance must be filed within 12 months of the injury being sustained. Where the time is longer than 12 months, an application must be made to the Court for an extension of time to lodge an application.

Once an ‘extension of time’ application is lodged with the Magistrates Court, a date will be allocated for the ‘extension of time’ application to be dealt with by the Court. The applicant must appear on the date allocated at Court before the Registrar.

If the extension of time is granted, the applicant will receive notification of a conference date as explained in the ‘In time applications’ section.

In time applications

Complete applications need to be lodged at the ACT Magistrate’s Court. The applicant will receive a letter with the date and time for a conference within four weeks of the date the application is lodged. The conference is held at the Magistrate’s Court and is an informal court process to discuss what documentation will be required to support the victim’s application.

After the conference the Government Solicitor will stay in touch with the applicant through letters. Once all of the documentation requested in lodged the Government Solicitor can make an offer to the applicant or decline to make an offer if they do not have the required evidence.

For more information about lodging an application for financial assistance please visit the ACT Magistrates Court Website.