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Amending, Withdrawing or Varying your application 

Before your application has been decided

You can amend (change) or withdraw your application at any time before it is decided.

If you wish to amend or withdraw your application you will need to advise the Financial Assistance Section in writing.

If we do not have any contact with you about your application for a period of 6 months, we will write to you to tell you that you have a further 6 months to contact us before your application lapses. If your application does lapse you may still reapply for assistance, subject to the time limits for applications.

After your application has been decided

You can apply for a variation of your grant of financial assistance after a decision has been made about your earlier application if your circumstances have changed or are likely to change.

Variation applications must be made

  • within 7 years of the day your earlier application was decided;
  • by completing the Variation application form.

Only 1 application for variation can be made per year unless there are exceptional circumstances. 

The maximum amounts that applied to the earlier application also apply to the variation application.