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Reporting to the Police

People report crime to police for different reasons. Many people report because they are frightened and know police can help protect them. Others report because they believe it is the right thing to do in assisting the police to find someone who has harmed them and may be harming others.

Sometimes deciding whether to report a crime to police can be difficult. It can depend on who has committed the crime and your relationship to them, it may be that you don't want to get anyone into trouble, or you are worried how reporting might impact on your family and friends. Often people hear about the difficulties of taking some cases through the court process. Some people may feel they would not be able to cope with the process in addition to coping with the impact of what has happened to them.

While it can be a difficult decision to report the matter, there are many services available to ensure that victims are fully supported and informed of the process.

More information about police services is available on the ACT Policing website.