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Property Crime

Property crime is perhaps one of the most common crimes that people are affected by. It relates to the damage or destruction of homes, businesses and land, including graffiti and arson as well as theft of vehicles and household burglary.

The experience of property crime can damage people’s feelings of personal security, peace of mind and well being. The loss of valuable items which link you to precious memories of family and friends can be especially upsetting.

The emotional and psychological impact of a burglary or home invasion can be as significant as the financial cost. You may feel an unsettling sense of insecurity and discomfort due to the security of your home, and your privacy, being compromised.

Even though these reactions are normal, you may feel overwhelmed. Many people find it helpful to speak about their experience and reactions with someone they trust such as a family member, friend or work colleague. 

The ACT also has the Home Safety Program, managed by SupportLink Australia, that is designed to assist ACT residents to improve the security of their home while endeavoring to minimise other preventable risks such as fire or injuries caused by falls.

The program can mail out information advising residents of how to improve their home security and safety; can organise the Fire Brigade to give advice regarding fire prevention, and in some circumstances provide assistance to conduct a home safety assessment of homes within the ACT.

There are many other preventative measures people can take – the Australian Institute of Criminology website has useful links to practical prevention guides including burglar proof homestackle car theft and provides information to mitigate graffiti crime among others.