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To be eligible for assistance:

  • the injury must have been sustained in the ACT after 30th June 1983;
  • the crime must be defined as a violent crime under Section 3 of the Victims of Crime Financial Assistance Act 1983;
  • the crime must have been reported to police, but it is not necessary for a person to be charged or convicted of the offence.

Who can apply?

  • Primary victim – this is the person who was injured as a direct result of the crime.
  • Responsible person – this is a person who is financially responsible for looking after a primary victim, such as the parent of a child victim.
  • Related victim – where a primary victim died as a direct result of the crime, a related victim is a person who was a close family member, dependant of the primary victim, or had an intimate personal relationship with the primary victim at the time of the death.
  • An Eligible Property Owner – this is a person whose property was damaged while the person was assisting a police officer to prevent a crime, arrest a suspected criminal or assist another victim of crime.
What is a violent crime*under the repealed



Grievous bodily harm offences


Assault offences

Actual bodily harm offences

Endangering life

Endangering health

Culpable driving

Threat to kill

Demands with threats

Forcible confinement



Abduction of young person


Unlawfully taking child

Exposing or abandoning child

Child destruction

Childbirth—grievous bodily harm

Sexual assault offences

Sexual intercourse without consent

Sexual intercourse with young person

Maintaining a sexual relationship with young person

Indecency offences



Female genital mutilation offences

Sexual servitude offences


Aggravated Robbery