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Assessing your application for Financial Assistance

Once we receive your application an assessor will be assigned to consider you application.

If further information is needed we will contact you to ask for information, or an authority to seek that information from someone else.

How long will it take for a decision to be made?

** In 2018 there has been a significant increase in the number of applications received.  We are assessing applications as quickly as we can, however the increase in the number of assessments required means there will be long delays in assessing applications.

All applications we receive are important to us.  We are assessing them as quickly as we can.  Your patience during this time is appreciated. **

The amount of time it will take for your application to be decided depends on whether more information is needed, and how long it takes to obtain that information.

You can assist us to process your application by providing as much information as possible when you apply.  Information about accessing medical and health records from ACT Health agencies is available here.

If you have applied for an immediate need payment, that part of your application will be considered as quickly as possible. You will be contacted and advised of the outcome of your application for an immediate need payment. If you are granted an immediate need payment, that payment will be made as soon as possible, before the rest of your application is decided.

Once a decision has been made about your application you will be contacted and told of the decision and the reasons for the decision. If you are unhappy with a decision there are a number of options of review available to you. Please see our Applying for a review of a decision page.

Payment of Financial Assistance

If your application for Financial Assistance is approved we can pay you directly, pay a service provider or someone who has paid an expense on your behalf.

Repayment of Financial Assistance

Please note that any grant of financial assistance is conditional. If you receive a payment of financial assistance and then receive a payment from another source for the same expense (an associated payment), you are required under the Act to repay the financial assistance you were paid.

Examples of the types of payments that are considered associated payments include:

  • Workers compensation;
  • Insurance payouts;
  • Medicare benefits;
  • Court awards or settlements;
  • Centrelink benefits.

It is a criminal offence under the Act to fail to tell the Victims of Crime Commissioner that you have received an associated payment within 28 days of receiving the related payment. If you have received an associated payment or you are unsure if you have received an associated payment please contact the Financial Assistance Scheme team.

Recovery From Offenders

The Act requires the Victims of Crime Commissioner to seek to recover the financial assistance paid from offenders. To do this an offender must be convicted or found guilty of the offence. This process is outlined in our Recovery from offenders page.  It involves notifying offenders of the amount of their debt and certain details relating to the act of violence.

The Financial Assistance Scheme team will contact the applicant before starting recovery action to ask whether the applicant has any concerns  the offender being contacted or proceeding with recovery action.