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Recovery from offenders

If you have been convicted of an offence in the ACT Magistrate Court or the ACT Supreme Court and a person has received financial assistance under the Victims of Crime (Financial Assistance) Act 2016 for the act of violence that the offence related to the Victims of Crime Commissioner may seek to recover the amount of financial assistance paid from you. 

If the Commissioner decides to recover an amount from you a Recovery Intention notice will be sent to you. This notice will indicate the amount of assistance you are required to repay, and offer you an opportunity to object in writing within 28 days on one of the following grounds: 

  1. You were not the person who is liable for the recoverable amount; or
  2. The commissioner has not taken into account that you have made, or are required to make a payment in relation to the offence identified above in accordance with a court order.

If you do object, your objection will be considered and you will be notified about whether the Financial Assistance Section has decided to proceed with recovery action against you.

If the Financial Assistance Section does proceed with recovery action you will receive a Recovery Notice. This notice will set out the recovery amount and provide a date for the recovery amount to be paid by.

If you are unhappy with the decision to proceed with recovery action against you there are a number of options available to you. For more information please see our Applying for a review of a decision page.

What if I cannot pay by the recovery date?

In some circumstances payment options can be discussed with the Financial Assistance Section. You will be required to provide information about your financial circumstances and reasons why you cannot pay by the recovery date.