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A new Financial Assistance Scheme for the ACT

The Victims of Crime Commissioner welcomes the new ACT Victims of Crime Financial Assistance Scheme

The Victims of Crime Commissioner John Hinchey is pleased to welcome the introduction of a new administratively based financial assistance scheme for victims of crime in the ACT.

The Victims of Crime (Financial Assistance) Bill 2016 was passed in the ACT Legislative Assembly this morning and is expected to commence on 1 July 2016.

“My office has worked very closely with the Government to develop the new scheme and I believe it has a number of significant advantages over the current scheme. It is a much fairer scheme, it has greater flexibility to respond to people’s needs and it won’t be so difficult for people to access” Mr Hinchey said.

“The new scheme will make financial assistance available to a greater range of victims of crime. Opening up the scheme to more victims of violence, including domestic violence, is very positive.  Indeed, the new scheme places the ACT at the forefront of financial support for victims of crime across Australia, with higher recognition payments than most other jurisdictions and the ACT being the first jurisdiction to increase those payments each year in line with the cost of living,” Mr Hinchey said.

“The new scheme will be much more widely available and the experience of making an application will be less traumatising and time consuming for victims of crime.”

The Government has nominated the Victims of Crime Commissioner to be the decision maker for applications under the new scheme. The Commissioner will be supported by Victim Support ACT to administer the new scheme.

“Our agency currently delivers a range of therapeutic and advocacy services to victims of crime.  The addition of the financial assistance scheme is in keeping with the Government’s intention for Victim Support ACT to be the Government’s one-stop shop for victims of crime in the ACT,” Mr Hinchey said.

More information about the new scheme will be available in the Financial Assistance Tab on this site in the coming months.