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Domestic Violence Project Coordinator

Since 2011, the Victims of Crime Commissioner has also been appointed to the ACT Domestic Violence Project Coordinator, an independent statutory position established pursuant to section 11 of the Domestic Violence Agencies Act 1986.

Functions in relation to Domestic Violence. 

  • a) to monitor and promote compliance with the policies of the ACT and Commonwealth governments;
  • b) to assist government agencies and non-government organisations involved in-
    • law enforcement;
    • the provision of health, education, crisis or welfare; 
    • or services to victims or perpetrators of domestic violence or otherwise relating to the incidence or prevention of domestic violence;
  • c) to assist and encourage the agencies and organisations referred to in paragraph (b) to provide appropriate educational programs;
  • d) to facilitate cooperation among the agencies an
  • d organisations referred to in paragraph (b);
  • e) to assist in the development and implementation of policies and programs as directed by the Domestic Violence Prevention Council; and
  • f) to carry out any other functions the Domestic Violence Prevention Council directs. 

The Domestic Violence Prevention Council (the Council) is an independent statutory body whose objective is to help reduce teh incidence of domestic violence offences.

The activities of the Domestic Violence Project Coordinator are reported in the Victim Support ACT Annual report.

More information about the Domestic Violence Prevention Council is available on their website.