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Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP)

 The Family Violence Intervention program (FVIP) commenced in the ACT during 1998. 

The goals and objectives of the FVIP are:

  1. To maximise the safety and protection of victims of family violence
  2. To work together cooperatively and effectively
  3. To provide opportunities for offender accountability and rehabilitation
  4. To seek continual improvement in responses to family violence in the ACT

The Family Violence Intervention Program is made up of two core initiatives – a coordinating committee and weekly case tracking meeting program. 

The FVIP Coordinating Committee works to identify and implement reforms across agencies in the ACT to meet the objectives of the FVIP. This committee is represented by senior staff from key partner agencies. The Victims of Crime Commissioner (previously the Victims of Crime Coordinator) performs the role of Chair of the Coordinating Committee and Victim Support ACT provides secretariat support.

The agencies that currently participate in the FVIP Coordinating Committee are:

The number of participating agencies increased during 2013-2014. An updated Memorandum of Agreement was signed off by all participating agencies in February 2014.

Family Violence Intervention Program case tracking is a weekly interagency meeting that seeks to provide coordinated responses to family violence matters that come to the attention of police and proceed to prosecution. 

The FVIP Coordinating Committee Strategic Plan for 2013-14 if available: PDF

The actions and outcomes are reported in the Victim Support ACT annual report for 2013-14. Much of the work continues in 2014-15.

Other documents on the FVIP include:

ACT Family Violence Intervention program Review, 2012 - Published by the Australian Institute of Criminology