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Raising a concern with the Victims of Crime Commissioner

The Victims of Crime Commissioner is the ACT's statutory advocate for Victims of crime. Section 12 of the Victims of Crime Act 1994 authorises the commissioner to deal with concerns and complaints in relation to the Governing principles of the treatment of victims of crime.

Section 12 - Concerns and complaints 

  1. The commissioner must try to resolve any concern raised with the commissioner by a victim about non‑compliance with the governing principles by an agency involved in the administration of justice.
  2. An agency must, with the victim’s consent, give the commissioner any document or information that the agency could provide to the victim and which is reasonably required by the commissioner to resolve a concern under subsection (1).
  3. Nothing in subsection (1) prevents a victim or the commissioner from making a formal complaint about a concern, or requires a victim to raise a concern with the commissioner before making a formal complaint.
  4. If the commissioner receives a formal complaint about non‑compliance with the governing principles by an agency involved in the administration of justice, the commissioner must refer the complaint to a relevant complaints entity.
  5. If a complaint is referred to a relevant complaints entity, the commissioner must give the entity all documents and information held by the commissioner about the complaint.
  6. In this section: relevant complaints entity means—

(a) the human rights commission; or

(b) the ombudsman; or

(c) any other entity authorised to investigate a complaint relating to the administration of justice.

Submitting a complaint to the Victims of Crime Commissioner 

If you feel that you have not been treated in a manner consistent with the Governing Principles the Treatment of Victims of Crime, we encourage you, firstly, to speak with the relevant agency.

You can also submit a concerns form with the Victims of Crime Commissioner, the ACT's statutory advocate for victims of crime.

Our complaints form is available here: PDF Word

Other options to raise complaints:

The ACT Human Rights Commission exists to promote and protect the rights and well being of all people living in the ACT. The Commission responds to complaints about: unlawful discrimination; health services; services for older people; disability services; and services for children and young people. 

If a person feels their human rights have been breached by a public authority, they may be able to commence proceedings in the ACT Supreme Court to enforce their rights. You are encouraged to seek legal advice about this.