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ACT Corrective Services

Victims have a legitimate interest in seeking to ensure that people who commit a crime against them are brought to justice and are given the opportunity to address their offending behavior. Victims should be provided with certain protection mechanisms to help ensure that an offender does not present a danger to them, or their family and friends as a result of being brought to justice.

ACT Corrections manages the ACT Victims Register; if an adult offender is sentenced to a community based order or a term of imprisonment, the victim may choose to be placed on the Register. The Register aims to provide registered victims with timely, relevant and accurate information about an offender’s incarceration and, in the case of an offender released on a community-based order, the management of the offender’s sentence.

The Register records the names and contact details of victims who have asked to be registered in order to receive information about an adult offender who is subject to a custodial or community-based sentence. It is vital that information held on the ACT Victims Register is confidential and is not released to others without the consent of a registered victim. Having procedures in place such as limiting access to a small number of authorised staff ensure that information contained on the register is controlled appropriately.

For the register to fulfill its purpose it is vital that a victim is contacted and provided with information that is accurate and timely. It is also important that a victim has an opportunity to make a submission to the Sentence Planning Group and/or the Sentence Administration Board about any application for unsupervised external leave, release to parole or licence by an offender.