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Victim Support ACT 

Many people have experienced crime in one way or another. They may have experienced crime directly or they may be close to someone who has experienced crime. It may have been a property crime like burglary or theft of a motor vehicle. It may be a personal crime such as physical or sexual assault.

The impact of crime can vary. People may experience a range of emotional reactions. For some this might mean long-lasting impacts. For others, the impact is short-term but intense. Victims of crime who have contact with police and the justice system often describe finding the process complex, confusing and/or intimidating.

Victim Support ACT delivers the Victims Services Scheme for the ACT Government. Our services are free and confidential for victims who have experienced crime in the ACT. The Victims of Crime Commissioner is an independent statutory advocate and the head of Victim Support ACT.

You can use the services if you are:

  • A person who has suffered harm as a result of a crime
  • A family member of a person who has died as a result of a crime
  • A person who has witnessed a crime

It is not necessary to have reported the crime to police and you can access the service at any time after the incident.

More information about the services we provide is available in the What we do section.